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Graized has been built from the ground up; we have worked hard and earned everything that we have cultivated. All three partners have a livestock background and a motivation to shine a positive light on animal agriculture.

We love getting to do what we do best, all while being an advocate for the industry that feeds the world.

We are proud to provide both a product–high-quality beef–and a service–cutting out the middleman–that we care deeply about, along with ensuring humane and ethical treatment of our cattle.

“The care that these guys put into their soil, grass, and cattle is beyond admirable. AND the results of their genuine work shows up every time you take a bite of their delicious beef. Can’t recommend their services enough.”

” The meat we received from Graized has been so good. Their prices are more reasonable than other grass-fed options. They quickly respond to messages and truly value their customer’s opinions.

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