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In 2016, three college graduates from central Illinois joined together to change the way animal agriculture is viewed in the media. Tired of false narratives regarding how cattle were being raised and cared for, Graized was formed to provide a direct to consumer product. Perhaps just as important, we provide complete traceability throughout the production cycle. The cattle are in a low-stress environment their entire lives, and we are able see that through from start to finish. We are transparent in our practices, confident in our ethical care, and compliant in regards to the grass-fed standard. Throughout this process we have gathered valuable input and concerns from consumers, and been able to place ourselves in the forefront to illustrate our story, and our practices as well. 

We cut out the middleman by sourcing beef directly from our own cattle operation, Tri-Point Ranch. Not only do we provide peace of mind by allowing our customers to know exactly where their meat comes from, but we are also totally transparent in our practices, and have traceability. We see the calf through its entire life, which gives us the confidence to tell our consumers they are getting the best quality beef. This is reassuring for our customers and is an environmentally friendly strategy for producing beef.

Our cattle are grass-fed, well-maintained, and provided with active care and humane treatment, leading to health benefits for our consumer. In addition to the great taste of grass-fed livestock, it has less total fat and more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Our cattle have more conjugated linoleic acid, that’s thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks. They are filled with antioxidant vitamins, such as Vitamin E. There are higher beta-carotene levels, which improve cognitive function, while promoting healthy skin and eye health.

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