Health benefits of Grass Fed Beef

We believe grass-fed beef to have exceptional health benefits. The numerous heart health benefits have attracted consumers’ attention, the less total fat allows grass-fed beef to be considered a healthy part of any diet, while lowering the risk of heart disease.

Many studies have shown that the CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) in grass-fed beef is a cancer fighting agent, along with the ability to prevent obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Vitamin A that preserves eyesight, lower risk for certain cancers, supports a healthy immune system, reduces acne, supports bone health, promotes healthy growth and reproductive health. Grass fed beef is also high in Omega-6 which is a type of fat found in nuts, vegetable oils. It is an anti-inflammatory agent, helps pain associated with arthritis, reduces high blood pressure, and lowers risk of heart disease. Another important nutriant in grass fed is Omega-3 which is know to help reduce arthritis pain, reduced blood fat levels which reduces risk of heart attack/disease, assists brain function.

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